End – the sting

“It’s a powerful idea, grace. And even Christianity, which is supposed to be about grace, has turned, you know, redemption, into good manners, or the right accent, or you know, good works or whatever it is. I just can’t get over grace…. (it’s) so hard to find” – Bono

So now we come to the end of my narrative although the story goes on. I could tell you about the six and a half hour long emergency ablation I had or the massive haematoma arising from it when they accidentally nicked an artery or the future operation to remove my old defibrillator that I face (with associated risk of death) but it really is just more of the same. Let’s just say that Sysyphus labours on.

Coming soon…………………………

Anyone, who’s got this far, thanks for sticking with me. Good luck and may God be with you.